Who to contact

If you believe that a horse or pony is in distress and needs help, you should contact
AT ONCE any of the following, but please bear in mind not all organisations provide an
emergency out of hours service.

The Donkey Sanctuary – Telephone: 01395 578222

The British Horse Society – Telephone: 02476 840517

World Horse Welfare Hotline – Telephone: 0300 333 6000

HAPPA – Telephone: 01282 455992

Bransby Horses Rescue and Welfare – Telephone: 01427 787369

Redwings Horse Sanctuary Welfare Hotline & Advice – Telephone: 01508 481008

RSPCA – Telephone: 0300 1234 999

SSPCA – Telephone: 0300 0999 999

If there are loose horses on the road/highway, please dial 999 and inform the police
immediately, giving the road number and location. The Police and Local Authority WHW - Aberdeenshire_Pickup
inspectors, unlike other Welfare Organisations, have a
legal power of enforcement.

In 2007 an initiative was launched by the equine
industry following a number of incidents where horses had suffered during lengthy rescues.  The work of Safer Horse Rescues aims to ensure minimal delays in an
animal receiving veterinary care when trapped or
involved in an accident, and to maximise the chances of a positive outcome for the animal and everyone

Since 2007 BEVA has worked closely with the
emergency services, veterinary profession and other
stakeholders on a variety of projects to educate,
provide support and guidance and raise awareness, in order to ensure that equine rescues are dealt with in a way that promotes welfare of the animal, in a safe environment for all involved.  Please
visit the Safer Horse Rescue website for further information.

Veterinary Assistance:
If you require assistance locating a Vet please follow this link to the RCVS ‘Find a Vet’