How to report

When reporting a Welfare Concern please provide as much of the following information as possible:

SONY DSC1. The cause of your concern. (e.g. lameness, severely undernourished, over-ridden, unacceptable living conditions, lame, very thin, open wound above knee on near foreleg, bald patch on near shoulder etc.). Include the time and date you saw the animal.

2. A description of the horse/horses with all-possible detail; colour, sex, approximate age and height, distinguishing marks etc. (e.g. Chestnut mare, about 12.2hh, white star on face, white sock on off hind leg).

3. Information about the horses’ owners or alternatively details of the owner of the land on which the horse is kept.

4. A description of the location – field, buildings, road, any landmarks, so that it will be easy to find. (Please remember that any Welfare Officer attending may not know the area particularly well so the more information given the easier the location will be to find)

5. Your contact details, ideally a telephone number on which we can reach you. All information will be kept strictly private and confidential and will under no circumstances be passed on to the owner of the equine.

6. Information of any previous reporting or reports to other organisations about this concern.