Here4Horses is an equine charity based in the North East of England primarily focusing on rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.


They are committed to securing better lives for horses and ponies by offering refuge and rehabilitation to equines in distress and in delivering training -promoting humane, skilful, evidence-based methods – to those who love, care for and train horses.


The horse crisis in the UK in recent years has seen massive over-breeding of low-value animals and a subsequent huge spike in the number of starved, diseased, neglected and abandoned horses and ponies, needing urgent help from charities.

This devastating situation was the catalyst for bringing a unique, like-minded team together under the Here4Horses banner.

The Here4Horses team have invested, a great deal of time, effort and money to horse and pony welfare. Following more than a year of careful planning and initial fund-raising, they have officially registered as a charity and gathered a highly skilled Board of Trustees, capable of successfully leading Here4Horses through whatever challenges it may face.

Here4Horses are working towards delivering lasting change for the better by:

  • Providing an accessible, engaging, up to date source, of expert advice and information, on all matters relating to equines.
  • Having a strong campaign voice to improve legislation and its application, acting as an advocate for all equines.
  • Supporting a network of locations able to offer refuge and rehabilitation to equines in distress.
  • Delivering training and promoting humane, skilful, evidence-based methods to those who love, care for and train horses.
  • Fundraising in order to effectively support activities and special projects, important to equine welfare.
  • Collaborating with other organisations for the benefit of all equines.
  • Recognising and rewarding human endeavour in promoting humane practices and preventing suffering in horses.

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