HAPPAHAPPA (Horses And Ponies Protection Association)

HAPPA have a fully equipped rescue rehabilitation facility at their Lancashire rescue centre, to ensure that all victims of cruelty and neglect are restored lovingly back to health. Their centre, based just outside Burnley, cares for approximately 60 equines at any one time at a total cost of £18,000 EVERY WEEK. HAPPA treats each animal as an individual and takes great care to provide the right environment and care programme for them all. Each equine is assessed to determine their character, behaviour and trainability, and are retrained to enable them to go on and live a full and purposeful life in a new home.

The charity never sells their horses, ponies or donkeys, and instead places all suitable equines in private homes through a legally binding Borrower’s Scheme. HAPPA has an outstanding reputation for rescue and rehabilitation and produces quality horses & ponies that are fit for purpose and go on to achieve great things. Let HAPPA find the perfect partner just for you. From a dressage horse to happy hacker, pony club pony or cuddly companion, HAPPA has them all.

HAPPA’s Loan Scheme allows those horses, ponies and donkeys which are fit to be placed into new homes to find loving new families to look after them long term; these ‘Borrowers’ undertake a legally binding agreement. Equines are visited regularly, ensuring that the quality of care they receive meets HAPPA’s high standards. The Charity provides a network of support offering a robust aftercare service. All equines are fully vaccinated and have their own bespoke Equine Care Plan. There are opportunities to engage in HAPPA initiatives at the Centre and with other Borrowers with a chance to be crowned HAPPA ‘Borrower of the Year’.

There is a waiting list for rideable animals but as HAPPA matches the right borrower to the right animal, not everyone has a long wait! HAPPA has three sub categories of re-homing: ride-able, companion (non-ridden) and fostering. Companion equines cannot be ridden for a particular reason, whether it be age or infirmity but still enjoy an excellent quality of life, preferring to live life in the slow lane, and enjoy being company to other equines.

Fostering is a brand new scheme developed to accommodate the external environment and match the welfare needs of abandonments and fly-grazed horses that have been rescued as a result under The Control of Horses Act 2015.

HAPPA are looking for extraordinary people, with equine experience, to come forward, offering temporary homes in which HAPPA youngsters can grow, develop and mature into strong well-mannered adolescents and are match fit ready to undergo the ‘breaking in’ process. HAPPA are looking to place yearlings and youngsters under the age of 4 years, into experienced temporary homes with carers that are willing to invest the necessary time, energy and commitment to provide one to one on-going care; for an interim period.

Caring and producing a HAPPA youngster can be both satisfying and rewarding. Foster carers contribute to their welfare by facilitating a bespoke duty of care; enabling a baby to go forward with a good grounding, ensuring that their education kicks off to a flying start.

The ultimate goal is to secure a positive future, in a permanent home. Your support and guidance will promote their chances for a better quality of life. Being involved with a youngster can prove challenging, but at the same time the benefits bring fulfilment and gratification. Seeing a youngster progress, as they grow and develop is a wonderful experience, knowing that your patience, your time and effort, has all been worthwhile. The foster Scheme is partially funded by HAPPA; for more information or to apply to become a Foster Friend please visit www.happa.org.uk

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