Sussex Horse Rescue

Sussex Horse Rescue

ADOPTION/LOANING  (we only loan in Sussex)

The Sussex Horse Rescue Trust (SHRT) was established in the 1960s. It runs a rescue programme for equines that have suffered neglect and mistreatment. We currently have more than 250 horses, ponies and donkeys under our care.

It is our aim to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Loan.

We receive many applications to LOAN a horse, pony or donkey. It is an unenviable task deciding whether an Equine will benefit being in the private home being offered. Applicants are required to fill in our 18 point questionnaire and read through our Guidelines before any consideration can be given.

After studying their answers we then consider whether we have anything suitable for their requirements-also if the home they are offering is adequate for the needs of the Equine. If we think we may have a suitable equine we invite the applicant to ride, associate and spend time with the selected animal. We always point out that MOST of our animals have a traumatic past history and so each animal needs time to re-adjust.

If you would be interested in loaning an animal your first step is to complete our questionnaire and return it to the Trust together with a stamped addressed envelope. Only after this has been returned to the Trust will any consideration be given to the request.  Please do not just arrive at the Trust hoping to be able to see our equines.

Do always contact Sussex Horse Rescue to confirm opening times prior to visiting – prior arrangement must be made via the office to view any equines that are available for rehoming.

Contact details: 

Hempstead Farm
Hempstead Lane
East Sussex, TN22 3DL

Telephone: 01825 762010 (answer phone)

We only return urgent calls, not mobiles.