Society for the Welfare of Horses & Ponies

SWHP is run from the MacGregors’ farm at St Maughans, where the buildings have been adapted to stable up to 35 horses and ponies in easily managed conditions and 30 acres of grass provide grazing.

Every week we receive ten to fifteen calls, either reporting animals in poor condition or asking for help or advice. We follow up every call, which often requires more than one visit.

We take three or four new horses or ponies into care every month. In many cases these poor animals are in dreadful condition through neglect or outright cruelty. Ignorance among some horse owners as to their animals’ needs can result in starvation and severe worm infestation, whilst lack of attention to feet and teeth causes untold suffering. In the worst cases, rehabilitation can take many months and cost hundreds of pounds in veterinary attention, special feed and treatment. For others, recovery can be spectacularly quick once their problem has been diagnosed.

The increasing popularity of riding has led to many people buying a horse or pony without first considering the costs involved in keeping one. According to British Horse Society records, feed, regular worming and foot trimming will cost at least £3,200 a year for the smallest pony, and upwards of £5,000 a year for a large riding horse in work. SWHP receives several reports of horses in distress each week, from caring members of the public, from the Police, or from owners themselves who, for one reason or another are unable to continue looking after a horse or pony.

SWHP is not a rest home for old horses. The animals we take in are nursed back to health and then we find them a good home. Most can return to an active life; others go into retirement as companions to other horses but, wherever they are re-homed, all remain the property of SWHP.

SWHP Management is highly cost effective and all money donated is spent on the horses and ponies in our care. Mrs MacGregor MBE, Chairman, does not take a salary from the charity. Supporters raise funds in many different ways but, as costs rise, it is increasingly difficult to make ends meet. The work is hard, and sometimes disappointing. In the vast majority of cases though, helping a desperate animal return to full health makes it all worth while.

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If you would like to contact us about any aspect of what we do such as rescues and rehoming, donations or volunteering, please contact us using one of the methods below.

The Horse Hospital


St. Maughan’s


NP25 5QF

Tel: 01600 750233

E-mail: swhp@swhp.co.uk