New Redwings logo Black Red 300dpiRedwings is the UK’s largest horse sanctuary providing daily care to more than 1,500 rescue horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

We believe every equine has the right to a happy and healthy life, free of fear and neglect, so we rescue abandoned and mistreated horses and ensure that every one – no matter how complex their needs – has the opportunity to live out their days in a loving and safe environment.

We have over 500 horses living out in ‘guardian’ homes. Our rehoming programme – known as the Redwings Guardianship Scheme – involves loaning a horse from us on a permanent basis, while also always having the support of the Sanctuary. This means you will have full responsibility for your new member of the family and their day-to-day care, but should they need to come back to us for any reason they’ll always have a place at Redwings.

Rehoming a Redwings rescue horse is incredibly rewarding; not only will you be giving one of our residents a second chance at a loving home outside the Sanctuary but you will also be making space at Redwings to help us rescue more horses in need.

Take a look at our residents available for rehoming here –