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The aim of Hope Pastures is to be able to rescue horses and ponies in distress. Some of the animals will probably be with us all their lives, but others, who are fit and well, we hope to be able to re-home.

Apart from the expense, every fit and healthy horse we have in one of our stables means there is one fewer stable for someone who really needs it.

If you think you could give a good, safe and caring home to one of our animals currently up for re-homing please let us know.

Please remember, these horses go out on loan with you. Legally the animal will always belong to the sanctuary.

If you have any questions, please contact sophie@hopepastures.org


Postal address
The Phyllis Harvey Horse & Donkey Trust
Hope Pastures
Weetwood Lane

(0113) 261 4344 (day) or leave a message
Out of hours (0113) 279 1856 (eve) or leave a message

Open 7 days a week – 10am – 3pm (2pm in winter)