Greatwood Caring for Retired Racehorses  Greatwood – Caring for Retired Racehorses

Greatwood provides – The Safety Net. We believe in Welfare and Never Putting a Healthy Horse to Sleep.

Greatwoods ultimate aim is to rehome the horse. A firm contract is put in place whereby the horses cannot be sold on or moved without Greatwood’s agreement and regular welfare checks are undertaken, ensuring care for life. However, they cannot always rehome a horse due to the nature of the horse’s injuries, which is why they cannot be categorised purely as a retraining centre.

The majority of the horses they take in are flat horses, as opposed to National Hunt. The rescued horses may be damaged mentally and physically, and therefore the period of time required to ‘get them back on their feet’ again may be significant.

Greatwood believes that every horse deserves a chance of a fulfilling future, and for that reason they do not impose a time element on the time a horse remains with them.

Greatwood also believes that if a horse is in pain and suffering, that it deserves a humane, kind and decent exit. This is welfare.

Greatwood is the only organisation that uses ex-racehorses to educate disadvantaged children and young adults. Via the interaction with ex-racehorses Greatwood now educates and helps hundreds of children each year with additional educational needs (AEN), whilst providing those horses that couldn’t be re-homed previously with a useful occupation.   Greatwood operates a ‘Cycle of Rehabilitation and Change’: horses helping young people ⟳ young people helping horses.


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