Devon Horse & Pony Sanctuary

Devon Horse & Pony Sanctuary  Devon Horse & Pony Sanctuary

The Devon and Horse and Pony Sanctuary situated on Dartmoor has been caring for horses, ponies and donkeys since 1976. Since then many neglected, abused and homeless equines have found a secure and loving home until the end of their days.  Suitable and rehabilitated animals are found caring new loan homes but are always able to return to the Sanctuary.

Their aim is to give every horse and pony a second chance at life by finding them a new home where they can be cared for and given the love and time they deserve. They are contacted daily by people that for one reason or another are unable to care for their their animals, and they try to take as many as possible at the Sanctuary and then find them suitable homes, but even if they are full to bursting they still try to find new homes.

Visitors are always welcome at the Sanctuary, please telephone on 01647 221209 or email them and they will be happy to make time for your visit and ensure that someone can introduce you to all the animals and tell you their individual story. They do not charge for admission but all donations are always appreciated however big or small.

Address Devon Horse & Pony Sanctuary, Old Barn, Southcott, Manaton, Devon TQ13 9UW

Telephone: (01647) 221209 Email: