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A Friend for Life

Bransby Horse’s successful Friend for Life rehoming scheme offers suitable horses, ponies, donkeys and mules the chance to enjoy life in a carefully selected loan home, whilst freeing up time and space at the Charity for the rescue and rehabilitation of more animals in need.

Bransby Horses has rehomed everything from athletic competition animals to non-ridden companions but their priority is always to ensure that the loan is absolutely right for both horse and fosterer. The welfare of the animals is always the most important consideration. Bransby Horses retains legal ownership of every animal and regular welfare checks are undertaken. The team at the charity are always available for advice and support if required. What is fantastic about the scheme is that if there is a reason that the fosterer and horse partnership is unable to continue, every equine is guaranteed a place back at the Charity should it be needed. This ensures that their future is always secure.

Previously rehoming within a 60-mile radius of their Lincolnshire Rescue Centre, this restriction has now been lifted to give their animals an even greater chance of finding the perfect home. Bransby Horses’ rehoming team work very hard to ensure the success of the Friend for Life scheme and more than 300 horses, ponies and donkeys are currently thriving in their special loan homes.

By taking on a foster equine, the Bransby Horses ‘Friend for Life’ fosterers have not only helped secure the future of the rescued animals in their care, but have also enabled the Charity to continue rescuing even more horses from cruelty or neglect.

Re-Homing Coordinator: Tel: 01427 787369


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Over 600 acres of land, 4 stable yards, over 350 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.