Blue Cross Pepper

Organisation Blue Cross
Name of Horse Blue Cross Pepper
Location Dovecliff Road, Rolleston – on – Dove, Staffordshire, DE13 9AU
Height /Colour 14hh, Piebald
Breed Cob
Gender Mare
Age 14
Pepper arrived at Blue Cross from another charity in July 2017. She was originally found fly grazing.
Use Pepper is looking for a home as a companion
Behaviour & Potential

Pepper is a sweet mare and will thrive in a private home where she can have consistency and lots of love
Pepper is able to live out all year round as long as she has access to shelter. She can live with mares and geldings and is a friendly mare in the field.
Pepper’s groom has done lots of training with her and she is now enjoying being groomed, and is good to lead. Pepper enjoys the use of positive reinforcement and clicker training.
Can you offer a companion home to Pepper?

Veterinary None
£100 rehoming fee for companion.

Contact Details
Rolleston Rehoming Team or 0300 777 1520, option 2 & 2[]=field_centre_single:158&f[]=field_species_single:72&sort_by=field_long_lat_latlon&sort_order=ASC