President of HAPPA

Ken Cranage was passionate about Equine Welfare having served the charity since retiring from West Yorkshire Mounted Section in the 1980’s. Ken played an active role as HAPPA’s Chief Field Officer and shared many memories of his days spent ‘Leading the Field in Equine Welfare’, where he engaged in the development of HAPPA’s welfare strategy that still exists today.

His latter years were spent on the Board of Trustees as Chairman, his equine knowledge, combined with a policing background brought a wealth of experience to the table. Ken’s final post within the charity was that of President, where he continued to contribute towards HAPPA’s vision and mission.

Ken was an amazing gentleman who left an impression on anyone that was privileged to have met him, he loved HAPPA with all his heart and will be very much missed by everyone. Our expression of sympathy is extended to his family in particular his wife June and sons, Paul, Peter and John”.