Do horses have emotions?

Are they the same as human emotions?  Are their emotions important for understanding their behaviour or how to train them?  Would you like to help us find out more about what horsey people know about emotions in horses?

There is an increasing interest in understanding the sorts of emotions that animals experience, particularly because this tells us something about their welfare. However, it’s not clear if we all agree on what emotions animals experience or how they express them, whether positive ones such as feeling happy, or negative ones like feeling sad.

The Horse Trust, which is funding this project, and a team of researchers are interested in understanding people’s views on what kinds of emotions horses might experience and what signs people use to identify or interpret horse emotions.  They have developed a short, anonymous survey to find out more about what horsey people know and believe about horse emotions.  The information you provide in this survey could help improve our understanding of how horse emotions affect the human‐horse relationship, which may lead to better welfare outcomes for horses.

If you are over 18 years of age and would like to participate in this study by completing this short survey, please click on the link.