Why join NEWC?

Join NEWC and show your commitment to raising welfare standards nationwide

NEWC membership provides an assurance to both the public and the industry that horse welfare is the priority. Through working collaboratively with the industry on the Equine Sector Council and its members, NEWC is committed to improving efficiency through reduced duplication and sharing information and resources. Streamlining education, regulation and enforcement initiatives are NEWC priorities to ensure horse welfare standards steadily improve. Everyone in the equestrian sector benefits from the horse, who has been our loyal servant for centuries. It is the National Equine Welfare Council’s mission to protect the welfare of the horse, pony and donkey and ensure that everyone who has an interest or association with the horse makes its health and welfare the overriding factor in all decision making.

Benefits to members

  • Forum for discussion and exchange of experiences
  • Welfare advice and interaction
  • Governance
  • Wider issues
  • ‘Quality Mark’
  • Vehicle for wider representation
  • Vehicle for projects of common interest
  • Vehicle for education and information
  • Benefits to equine industry as a whole

Benefits to industry

  • Unified voice – Government attention
  • Central information resource on equine welfare matters
  • Focal point for matters of common interest to welfare and rest of industry
  • Binding disparate interests
  • Gradual advancement of welfare into mainstream equestrian world

NEWC currently has two different membership categories so if you are an individual interested in equine welfare or an equine welfare organisation then you have the opportunity to support NEWC and make a tangible difference to equine welfare in the UK by adding your voice. Find out more about becoming a NEWC member here.