Joining criteria

Eligibility Criteria for NEWC Membership

Full Equine Welfare Member

To be eligible to apply for the above membership category your organisation must:

  • Be a registered charity
  • Provide sanctuary, respite care or rehabilitation to vulnerable or rescued horses
  • Actively aim to educate the public on responsible horse ownership
  • Comply fully with The Animal Welfare Act 2006 in England and Wales and the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006
  • Comply fully with all transport legislation
  • Comply fully with the recommendations laid out in the Code of Practice for the Horse and the Equine Welfare Guidelines Compendium 2009
  • Comply fully with all employment legislation
  • Comply fully with all Health and Safety regulations

Full Welfare Members

To be eligible for Full Welfare Membership your organisation or company must:

  • Be an equestrian governing body, breed society, university, college or equestrian association with the promotion of equine welfare as a core objective
  • Implement competition terms and conditions which protect the welfare of the horses used in that competition such as the requirement for timely flu & tetanus vaccination
  • Implement a robust and impartial complaints and investigation process by which members can report equine welfare concerns
  • Educate members about their legal duty of care to their horse(s) through the promotion of:
    • the Animal Welfare Act (England and Wales) 2006 and the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006,
    • the Code of Practice for the Horse
    • the Equine Industry Welfare Guidelines Compendium 2009
    • Transport Regulations
    • Passport Regulations
  • Educate members about:
    • Notifiable diseases and other diseases, how to prevent them and limit the spread of disease
    • Responsible purchasing and selling of horses

Associate Equine Member

To be eligible this equine establishment must pass an inspection by NEWC which would cover:

  • Observations of animals on site
  • Observations of premises and their present/planned usage and reports on stabling, feed and equipment storage, admin facilities and health and safety policy
  • Observations of land, fencing, hedging, gates, exercise areas, segregation and isolation facilities and land to horse ratio
  • Veterinary records
  • Support services and emergency procedures
  • Staff suitability

Associate Members

Applies to Commercial Organisations (i.e. not Charities or Academic Institutions).

  • The product or service offered must have a clear positive, or at worst, no negative impact on equine welfare.
  • Any claims made must be supported by current, peer-reviewed evidence such as research papers in academic journals. In the absence of this, exceptionally, several statements of support from noted veterinary surgeons or recognised animal welfare experts may be considered by the Management Board in assessing the claims made.
  • Promotional materials, such as websites, articles, leaflets etc. must not make statements contrary to the promotion of good equine welfare. To this end, all such materials must be submitted to NEWC Management Board for scrutiny on application, and material produced after this point should also be submitted for scrutiny. NEWC Management Board may provide advice on such material, which the organisation must comply with. Failure to do so will result in termination of the organisation’s membership of NEWC, following which any material referring to NEWC (that is, the use of the logo in the manner referred to below) must be immediately removed from all promotional material.
  • On gaining Associate Membership, and for the duration of such membership, organisations may apply the NEWC logo to their promotional materials providing it is accompanied with the following text: ‘Associate Member of National Equine Welfare Council. Use of this logo does not imply endorsement of the product or service offered here by NEWC’.

NEWC Management Board reserve the right to terminate the membership of any organisation it believes to be acting in a manner contrary to the aims of NEWC.

Supporter Member

Applies to individual supporters of NEWC who have no voting rights.

Friends of NEWC

Applies to a member of any category giving extra funds as a donation in addition to their Annual Subscription.

  • Credit will be given to each donating organisation on the NEWC website, in NEWC information packs and in the NEWC annual accounts.