National Equine Meetings

Equine Sector Council Meeting December 8th at Defra

NEWC General Meeting – November 8th at Nottingham Trent University

NEWC Annual General Meeting – April 6th 2017 at The Horse Trust

NEWC Council Meeting – 24th November 2016 at Bransby Horses

Equine Sector Council Meeting- 16 December 2016

Acting Chair – Tim Brigstock

Aim/Objective – To establish a high functioning and representative sector council in collaboration with the BHIC.

Livery Yard Licensing Scheme

Chair – Ben Mayes.

Aim /Objective – Concern for equine welfare standards in riding establishments including dealers, studs, sanctuaries to bring about licensing regulation.

National Equine Forum 

Chair – Colin Spedding.

Aim /Objective – Brings all sectors of the equine industry together under one roof to discuss topical and controversial issues.

Equine disease Coalition Group

Chair – Paul Jepson.

Aim /Objective – Research and risk assessment of equine infectious diseases.

BHS Horse and Pony Breeds –  SOE, London

Chair – Pat Campbell.

Aim /Objective – Representatives from all breed societies meet twice a year to discuss breed issues and lobby Government.