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Retanach QT (Lizzie)

Retanach QT (Lizzie). World Horse Welfare. Belwade Farm, Aberdeenshire. Lizzie is a ten year old 14.3hh black mare. Lizzie came into our care March 2012, when she had nowhere to go following disruption in her owner’s circumstances. She had never been backed and had always lived in the same place with the same field mate.


Peanut. World Horse Welfare. Located at Penny Farm, Lancashire. Peanut is a one year old 14hh brown Thoroughbred cross gelding. Peanut came into Penny Farm as a foal at foot. Her mum came in as a part of a large welfare case.


Beau. World Horse Welfare. Located at Belwade Farm, Aberdeenshire. Beau is a three year old 13hh black Cob mare. Beau arrived in a group of mares and fillies that had been part of a prosecution case. Beau was very nervous and resistant to handling on arrival but has made excellent progress and she now has great potential for the future.


Orchid. Blue Cross. Rolleston rehoming centre, Staffordshire. Orchid is a six year old 14hh skewbald Native mare. Orchid hasn’t always had a nice life and she was very nervous and unsure of people when she first came to the centre.


Roxy, World Horse Welfare, Hall Farm, Norfolk. Roxy is a 7 year old 12hh skewbald Welsh Cross mare. Roxy is a spunky little pony with very firm opinions that she is not afraid to express. She is an exceptionally bright pony which makes her a very busy and bustling character who likes to get on with things with the minimum amount of fuss.

Avondale Anastasia

Avondale Anastasia, Wold Horse Welfare, Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerset. Ana is a 15 year old 15hh skewbald cob mare. Anastasia is a sweet natured mare who is looking for a home as a non ridden companion. On arrival at the centre Anastasia was an unhandled 15 year old who was very wary of her new surroundings. With a lot of patience and understanding from her groom, she has proven to be very clever and so long as she is asked in the right way, picks things up very quickly.


Leonard, World Horse Welfare, Hall Farm, Norfolk. Leonard is a two year old 13hh piebald Cob. Leonard is a sweet, playful pony who gets on well with others. He is a happy little soul who can be quite inquisitive and cheeky. Leonard is a sensitive boy but he just needs to see and experience a bit more of the world to build his confidence.


Bluebell. Lluest horse and Pony Trust, Carmarthenshire. Bluebell is a four year old 12hh Gypsy Cob blue and white mare. Bluebell is a beautiful coloured mare who loves a scratch and a cuddle. Due to having her ear illegally notched she has a slight fear of people but is coming on lovely. She is good to catch, lead and trim. She is starting the stages of being backed and is doing well. Bluebell need a knowledgeable home to further her education and would make a lovely kids pony in future.


Chewy. Bransby Horses. Located in Herefordshire. Chewy is a five year old 11.2hh chestnut Welsh gelding. Chewy was collected from Devon in 2011 and has been with Bransby ever since.


Sundance. Bransby Horses. Located in Herefordshire. Sundance is a thirteen year old 13.3hh dun Welsh x mare. Sundance has been at the charity for 4 years after being rescued with a gelding. She was very nervous and unhandled on arrival.