Category: rehome


Babe. Bransby Horses. Located in Lincoln. Babe is a 11hh seven year old grey Welsh gelding. Babe came into Bransby Horses during 2014 with 7 others at the request of the RSPCA.


Tequila. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Tequila is a twelve year old 13hh chestnut roan Welsh type mare. Tequila is a very pretty little mare, she has been backed but can no longer be ridden due to hind limb lameness.


Yoyo. Lluest Llangadog, Carmarthenshire. Yoyo is a 2 year old Welsh 12hh chestnut gelding. Yoyo was rescued from a housing estate, he was tethered since he was a foal. Yoyo is a loving 2year old chestnut gelding. He is a typical young pony that is playful and cheeky.


Alfie. Mare and Foal Sanctuary, Devon. Alfie is a 4 year old 11.2hh blue dun Dartmoor Hill gelding. Alfie was born in the Sanctuary. He was a strong little foal from day one, he definitely knows his own mind! Alfie is still young and can push his boundaries with new handlers. He is an outgoing lad, affectionate, intelligent and loves to keep his mind active.


Tennesse. Redwings, Hapton, Norfolk. Tennesse is a seven year old 12.2hh Welsh Cross bay gelding. Tennesse is a handsome pony who loves his work. He works well in walk, trot and canter and will pop a small fence. He also hacks out well and has seen a variety of vehicles – none of which have phased him. He will also happily hack across an open field. Although Tennesse is coming along nicely he is still at the early stage of his education and can be a little sharp, but this is easily managed. Tennesse would love to have a small but competent jockey who wants to have fun and who will enjoy spending time with him.