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Foxy. Bransby Horses. Located in Lincolnshire. Foxy is an eighteen year old 12.2hh grey Welsh mare. Foxy was seized by the police due to her owner being banned from keeping horses. She was semi-feral on arrival and extremely nervous of people.


Rosie. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Rosie is a 14 year old 12.2hh grey Welsh Type mare. Rosie is a very pretty pony who came to HorseWorld in April 2004 as a feral youngster along with 15 other very nervous ponies.

Maggie May

Maggie May. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Maggie May is a fourteen year old bay TB cross mare. Maggie May is a very sweet natured pony that was found straying on a dual carriageway and in an emaciated condition.


Parker. World Horse Welfare, Penny Farm, Lancashire. Parker is a five year old 15hh bay Hackney gelding Parker who is now ready to rehome as a non ridden companion due to poor conformation. Parker was gelded late, and can’t be turned out with mares, but can be turned out next to them. He also stables next to them fine as well. He is good to handle in and out of the stable, and enjoys coming in to be fussed over and be groomed. Parker is a playful chap and gets on well with other horses. He is good for the vet and farrier.


Olly. World Horse Welfare, Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerset. Olly is an 11 year old 14hh liver chestnut Welsh Section A mare who is now ready to enjoy life as a hack. She is a very kind mare who is easy to catch and lead she is also excellent with the vet and farrier. Olly has a very forward disposition and is currently hacking out around the farm both on her own and in company. She will go first or last. She is a pleasure to ride and will shine in the right home.


Lucy. World Horse Welfare. Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerset. Lucy is a five year old 14.2hh skewbald Cob mare. Lucy came into Glenda Spooner Farm April 2015 as part of a large group of horses.


Eddie. World Horse Welfare. Hall Farm, Norfolk. Eddie is a three year old 12.1hh black Cob gelding. Eddie came to Hall Farm with a group of others after their owner had died.


Tottie. World Horse Welfare. Belwade Farm, Aberdeenshire. Tottie is a one year old 14hh iron grey Connemara mare. Tottie arrived in poor bodily condition with several other ponies. She was friendly and interested but needed regular handling to get her confidence with having her feet trimmed and being caught and led.

Dan the Man (Dyson)

Dan the Man (Dyson). World Horse Welfare. Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerset. Dyson is a nine year old 14hh bay Welsh Cob gelding. Dyson originally came in to World Horse Welfares care in November 2013. He was part of a very large group of horses that were rounded up and taken to Hall Farm in Norfolk.


Shelby. World Horse Welfare. Hall Farm, Norfolk. Shelby is a one year old 12.3hh skewbald Cob mare. Shelby was born at Hall Farm. Her mother was part of a prosecution case.