These are the horses, ponies and donkeys available for rehoming.


Ella, HorseWorld Bristol. Ella is an eight year old 14hh chestnut Arab Cross mare. Ella is a sweet pony now looking for an understanding home as a companion only, she is looking for a quiet place where there is not too much hustle and bustle and where she will always have the companionship of another horse. She can live out 24/7 without hard feed as she is a good doer, but will need a rug in wet weather. Read more →


Mini, Horseworld, Bristol. Mini is a two year old 12.2hh chestnut Welsh type mare. Mini is now very friendly and good to handle but still requires an experienced person to help continue her education. Being a native type she is hardy so could live out 24/7 or be stabled if required. Mini will be prone to weight gain once mature and will go through fencing that is not robust!
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Torrance, HorseWorld, Bristol. Torrance is a 21 year old 16.1hh bay TB Cross Trakenher. Torrance is very sweet and easy to do; he lives out year round and gets on well with other horses. He deserves a home that will give him lots of love and attention in his old age. Read more →


Sam, Horseworld, Bristol. Sam is a 12.3hh grey Welsh type one year old gelding. As Sam is too small to be backed at HorseWorld they are looking for a companion home or a home where he can be brought on to ride or drive when he is old enough. Read more →


Orion, HorseWorld Bristol. Orion is a 2 year old Welsh type black gelding. Orion is now very happy to be around people and is very good to receive basic handling. He can live out in a mixed herd and is also happy to be stabled if needed. He is growing into a fairly laid back chap but will require consistent, routine handling to ensure that he does not regress in his training. Read more →


Oreo, HorseWorld Bristol. Oreo is a 7 year old Shetland piebald gelding at 37″. Oreo is hardy and healthy and can live out year round without rugs or hard feed but also enjoys coming into a stable for periods of time if needed. He has been fine without equine company for short periods in both the stable and field so could make a good companion to a ridden pony. He needs a home with appropriate fencing and ideally used to Shetland ponies, as he is a native type and a good doer we will only consider a home where he can share a field with a pony with similar grazing requirements. Read more →


Morris, Horseworld Bristol. Morris is a three year old 13.2hh chestnut Welsh gelding. Morris is easy to care for being able to live out 24/7 or be stabled if needed but is still a little nervous and lacks confidence so needs someone with experience and patience to bring him on. Read more →


Lexus, Horseworld. Lexus is a bay 12.2hh Welsh type mare aged 3. Lexus made good progress as she is such a friendly mare but can be still be a little anxious and is sharp. She will be looking for a home with somebody experienced in horse care and with the patience to progress with her training. Read more →


Isabel, Horseworld. Isabel is a 6 year old 15.2 hh Clydesdale Cross Quarterhorse. Isabel is a very people orientated horse and we had hopes that she could be backed for ridden work. But thorough assessments in October 2015 showed problems with her hind legs which ruled this out. She is now only available as a non-ridden companion Read more →


Augusta, Horseworld, Bristol. Augusta is a 19 year old 15hh dun Welsh Section D. Augusta is now no-longer able to be ridden but would make someone a super companion horse. Read more →

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