These are the horses, ponies and donkeys available for rehoming.


Ruby. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Ruby is a four year old 12.2hh black Welsh x mare. Ruby was born at HorseWorld a month after her mother Sox was rescued along with other ponies who had been abandoned. Read more →


Rio. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Rio is a three year old 12.1hh piebald Cob gelding. This blue eyed boy arrived in August 2016 along with his friend Mo just in time for the Olympics hence his Brazilian name! Read more →


Martie. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Martie is a four year old 12.2hh skewbald Cob gelding. Martie came in to HorseWorld in 2013 with two other ponies when he was only about five months old. Read more →


Felix. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Felix is a three year old 11.2hh, and still growing, bay Cob x gelding. Felix came to HorseWorld in January 2015 from a site where a number of horses were being fly grazed. He was found severely emaciated alongside a stream where another young colt’s body could be seen dead in the water. Read more →


Ellie. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Ellie is a sixteen year old 12.2hh grey Welsh Sec A mare. Ellie came to HorseWorld in 2009 as part of a group of horses rescued from horrific conditions – sadly not all of them survived. Read more →


Einstein. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Einstein is a seven year old 14.1hh black Cob gelding. Einstein was part of a group of 12 ponies that had been abandoned in a barn. When he arrived he was very emaciated and suffering from Salmonella and Strangles Disease. Read more →


Diamond. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Diamond is a five year old 11.3hh skewbald Welsh cross mare. Diamond was born at HorseWorld a couple of months after her mother Dazzle arrived. Dazzle was one of a group of ponies that were rescued from Wales. Read more →


Cherrie. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Cherrie is a sixteen year old 15hh bay TB x Welsh Cob mare. Cherrie’s previous owner bought her after she had been passed from pillar to post and had obviously received some very hard treatment at some point, unfortunately a change in circumstances meant her owner could no longer spend the time with Cherrie that was needed. Read more →


Chunky. RSPCA. Located in County Durham. Chunky is a two year old 13hh bay Cob x gelding. Chunky was found January 2015. He had been born on New years day and his Dam was emaciated. Their owner received an Adult written Caution. Read more →

Peter Pan

Peter Pan. Located in County Durham. Peter Pan is a three year old 14hh piebald Cob gelding. Peter Pan was found March 2015. He was emaciated and on a tether. Peter Pan was very weak but with careful worming and rehabilitation he recovered well. Read more →

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