NEWC Directors

Chairman, Nicolas De Brauwere MRCVS
Head of Welfare, Rehabilitation and Education, Redwings Horse Sanctuary
Tel: 01508 481 006

Nicolas graduated as a veterinary surgeon in 1991 from Onderstepoort in South Africa and has worked at Redwings Horse Sanctuary since then providing clinical services, herd health management, welfare department support and staff training. In 2002 he was appointed Senior Welfare Veterinary Surgeon and has dealt with many individual cases, large scale rescues in Devon, Gelligaer and Lincolnshire, worked with NEWC members – SWHP, EHPPS & World Horse Welfare (the new name for ILPH) and testified in Magistrate and Crown courts for RSPCA prosecution cases. In 2004 he was co-opted onto the NEWC Executive Committee. His interests include the theoretical and practical aspects of working with un-handled, semi-feral equines, finding solutions for equines suffering in private ownership and improving awareness of welfare issues affecting the older and/or un-handled equines by educating owners and colleagues in appropriate solutions to problems. Nic believes that he can assist NEWC to provide meaningful co-operation with other equine charities to tackle issue-driven problems and to improve understanding and communication between vets and welfare workers.

Dr Carol Hall
Principle Lecturer and School Research Coordinator, Nottingham Trent University  Tel:01158 485212
Carol Hall is a lecturer and researcher at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences, specialising in equine behaviour and welfare. As part of their mission to raise awareness of equine welfare issues and the work of the welfare sector Nottingham Trent University have re-homed a range of horses and ponies at the Brackenhurst Equestrian Centre, as well as including guest lectures by welfare professionals in a number of their courses.

ch-and-rosie-168x300Carol is a Reader in Equitation Science and one of the original members of the International Society for Equitation Science. Her research focuses on improving the management and training of horses, with findings being published in both the scientific and lay press. In addition to her academic role, Carol is a BHS qualified Intermediate Instructor (BHSII), has a particular interest in classical dressage and a passion for Iberian horses.

Carol believes that her academic role will facilitate the link between NEWC and the education sector, both in terms of increasing awareness and by producing evidence to support the work of NEWC. She is also keen to extend the remit of NEWC to the consideration of the welfare of ridden horses and to promote more horse-friendly management and training practices.

Ryan Rouse
Head of External Welfare, Bransby Horses
Tel:01427 782710

Before starting at Bransby Horses as a Welfare Assistant in 2009, I had been working as a riding instructor for a small family run riding school. I also have a background in communication, working for BT as a service care team leader and for Vodafone working on business contracts. Both of these roles have given me the skills to communicate to a varied audience and manage teams in a target required environment.

Ryan Rouse picAt Bransby Horses my passion for Equine Welfare was established whilst managing the quarantine yard, I found the process of rehabilitation of equines with physical or behavioural concerns fascinating. Becoming involved in prosecution cases challenged me to take a step back from the day to day care that I had previously been involved in and investigate the Welfare Crisis the UK has been so badly hit by.

More recently I have concentrated my efforts on intakes and re homing mainly looking at the policy, procedure and process of each area. Before this I was working with semi feral equines mainly from Wales where the over population of equines on scrub land has been well documented in local and national media.

To represent not only Bransby Horses but also the National Equine Welfare Council is an exciting prospect, using my background skills I aim to help provide a clear message to improve the Welfare of all equines as part of a united organisation.

Martyn Hubbard
Operational Superintendent RSPCA
Tel:0300 123 08301

Martyn has worked as an RSPCA inspector since joining the welfare organisation in 1979.

Initially as an inspector on the ground, in Sussex and then Hampshire, he was involved in the investigation of cruelty allegations, and where appropriate the prosecution of people for offences against animal welfare legislation.IMG_20160310_123904~3

As a chief inspector for the Hampshire group of RSPCA officers he took on a management role. The New Forest fell within his area of work at a time of great change in the management and welfare of the equines depastured on the forest. This work entailed close liaison with other equine welfare groups, local authorities and the New Forest authorities.

Martyn moved on to cover the East Midlands region of the RSPCA and then Wales and the West Midlands. No longer directly dealing with individual cruelty allegations he has retained a close interest and involvement in some of the larger welfare concerns that are dealt with by the RSPCA. Many of these such as fly grazing, Control of horses legislation, major incidents, have been equine related.

Since his work in the New Forest he has maintained the emphasis on the importance of partnership working and good communications in order to drive forward the welfare agenda for equines and other animals. NEWC very clearly have an important role in ensuring and furthering this joined up approach.

Claire Gordon
Chief Field Officer, World Horse Welfare
Tel: 01953 498682

Claire graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Zoology from Glasgow University and then completed a postgraduate study in Human Resource Management. She has worked as an international event groom both here in the UK and in Australia before returning to Scotland to work as an Equine Nurse at The Royal (Dick) School Of Veterinary Studies.

Claire and NoahClaire has worked in welfare since 2007 when she joined the RSPCA as an Inspector in Hertfordshire before moving on to work for World Horse Welfare in 2010 as Field Officer in Suffolk, Essex and Kent. She became Chief Field Officer in 2016 and works investigating welfare concerns in West Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Claire brings knowledge and experience in the practical application of welfare legislation and has a proactive, problem solving approach to Equine Welfare.

Ruth Court
Horse Welfare Manager, Blue Cross
Tel: 07768 390016

Ruth is the Horse Welfare manager at Blue Cross and her experience within the Equine Industry is in Education, Management and Welfare. She has a BSc (hons) degree in Equine Management holds the BHS Intermediate Instructors Certificate.

Ruth Court

Ruth’s main role with Blue Cross is managing the team responsible for supporting the horses the charity has out on loan. She has been in this role since 2012 and during this time has developed the charities Home2Home and transfer of ownership schemes. Due to the increased number of welfare needy and abandoned horses that the charity takes in, Ruth and her team constantly look for innovative and cost effective ways of working to ensure the charity remains able to continue to help those horses that most need it; while maintaining healthy horses in happy homes.

Prior to joining Blue Cross Ruth lectured in Equine studies at De Montfort University Lincoln and latterly at Moulton College Northampton; Whilst at Moulton College, Ruth was involved with the instigation of training in large animal rescue for the fire and rescue services. She has also managed the College’s Equestrian Centre, worked as a freelance Instructor and rider, and has managed a variety of yards. Ruth was a member of the Pony Club and later was involved as an Instructor and examiner for them and has judged Dressage for local Riding Clubs and venues. She was the BHS East Midlands Regional Welfare Officer from 2006 – 2012; sat on the Equine Health and Welfare Advisory Committee and was a volunteer field officer for Blue Cross. Volunteering in these roles provided Ruth with invaluable experience in equine welfare and partnership working as well as embedding a firm understanding of the key role volunteers have in the functioning of many charities.

Ruth wholeheartedly supports the National Equine Welfare Council and is highly motivated to use her experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to play a part in the Councils work. Ruth is enthusiastic about the value of working in partnership with other charities; to use resources, knowledge and experience to improve equine welfare with a united voice; with education playing a vital role in enabling understanding and progression for all involved with horses. She is passionate about improving equine welfare and believes in the need to change and adapt to current trends to meet the needs of all equines.

Gemma Stanford
Director of Welfare, The British Horse Society
Tel: 02476 840 576

Gemma Stanford graduated with a first class BSc (Hons) equine science degree before working for the NFU Mutual Equine Department for many years which culminated in leading a large team of people in a very fast paced, customer focused environment. Gemma has also had huge success in the equine world competitively qualifying for HOYS 19 times and has had wins at HOYS and Olympia.Gemma Stanford

Gemma has worked for The British Horse Society since 2014 and is Director of Welfare being responsible for over 200 volunteer Welfare Officers nationwide who provide advice, support and education to horse owners to help improve horse welfare.

Gemma has been responsible for the development and success of the BHS Healthcare clinic days which have seen over 300 horses attend in less than two years. An incredible 300 have also been castrated at these days. Gemma loves to work together as part of a multi agency  approach and is very pleased to gain a place on the NEWC Management Board.