What we do

Consult, finalise and implement the Business Plan for the next three years to ensure NEWC meets the needs of its Members and Objectives; and works to raise the appropriate sustainable income.

Complete the revision of the NEWC Code of Practice for Welfare Organisations involved in the Keeping of Horses, Ponies and Donkeys. It is vital that the revised Code reflects the needs and expectations of our members and the wider public to ensure that NEWC membership continues to deliver an assurance of high welfare for those equines assisted by NEWC members.

Develop the proposed Memorandum of Understanding between NEWC and the Local Authorities which will strengthen the framework for partnership working when future investigations into equine neglect and suffering are undertaken by Local Authorities. The Welsh Government and Local Authorities view NEWC as a key partner for achieving consistency in enforcement of equine welfare across Wales.

Seek to develop its relationship with Government in England and Scotland to emulate the achievements in Wales where possible and appropriate. The Equine Health and Welfare Strategy will identify the best opportunities for this.

Continue to participate actively in the Equine Health and Welfare Strategy and deliver those projects assigned to NEWC as outlined under the updated and revised Aims of the Strategy and provide the Secretariat.

Continue to play an active role in the two initiatives investigating the regulation of animal sanctuaries and equine establishments.

Explore the opportunities to broaden the membership base in order to encompass the support of different organisations and individuals who have a commitment to supporting equine welfare.

Ensuring the Compendium’s future usefulness; in that it remains accessible, relevant and under constant review.