The National Equine Welfare Council

The National Equine Welfare Council C.I.C (NEWC) works to protect horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, by providing support, guidance and a communication forum to equine organisations, businesses and charities to help raise equine welfare standards nationwide. Read more →

Equine crisis UK

Six welfare charities have issued an updated report about the current equine crisis in the UK, entitled “Left on the verge: In the grip of a horse crisis in England and Wales”. Click here to read the latest report.

Homes needed

Are you looking for a horse, pony or donkey? If you are in this fortunate position, have you considered offering to rehome from one of our member charities? Each animal rehomed will free up a space, making it possible for charities to help more horses, ponies and donkeys in desperate need. Please click here to find out more.


WillowWillow. Lluest Horse & Pony Trust. Located in Llangadog, Carmarthenshire. Willow is a ten year old bay 12.2hh Native mare. Willow came to the charity in 2006 when her owner could not cope with her behaviour, she was very timid and unhandled. Willow has taken a while to develop trust with people but now is at a stage where she can be re-homed to a kind experienced Read more →


EnnisEnnis. Lluest Horse & Pony Trust. Located in Llangadog, Carmarthenshire. Ennis is a two year old 13.0hh chestnut Welsh Section C gelding. Ennis came to Lluest when his elderly owner could not look after Read more →


HEROHero. Lluest Horse & Pony Trust. Located in Llangadog, Carmarthenshire. Hero is a five year old 15.0hh brown Cob x gelding. Hero was a young colt living in the middle of a housing estate. He was seized by a local council, when we took him in it was touch and go whether he would survive. Read more →


EdEd. Bransby Horses. Located in Lincoln. Ed is a two year old grey Welsh Section A gelding. Ed was taken in at the request of the RSPCA due to Read more →


SparkleSparkle. Horseworld, Bristol. Sparkle is a 13 year old 11.2hh Welsh Section A grey mare. Sparkle is a lovely and lively girl who enjoys fuss and attention and enjoys the company of other ponies, particularly mares. Sparkle can live out 24/7 or be stabled for short periods if needed, but does not enjoy being separated from her equine friends. Sparkle has had issues with insulin resistance and laminitis in the past so is looking for a home experienced with managing ponies requiring diet challenges. Read more →


FrostyFrosty. Horseworld, Bristol. Frosty is a 12 year old 11.3hh Exmoor bay mare. Frosty will form a close bond to her regular handler and is a very sweet natured girl but will need a calm experienced loaner as she can get herself into a bit of a tizz and suddenly everything is scary again. She can live out year round without hard feed but because she is a native type Frosty will need restricted grazing to avoid weight gain. She can live with both mares and geldings but does prefer mares for Read more →


DazzleDazzle. Horseworld, Bristol. Dazzle is a 21 year old 11.2hh bay Welsh type mare. Dazzle can still be a little wary of people although she has improved greatly with regular handling. Dazzle can still be a little tricky to catch and is looking for a home with somebody willing to spend some time with her. Dazzle has a weak and dipped back and will not be suitable for ridden work. As she is a native type she requires restricted Read more →


BuddyBuddy. Horseworld, Bristol. Buddy is a 5 year old 13.1hh skewbald Cob gelding. Buddy has just started hacking out on the roads and has been a little wary when introduced to new objects and vehicles; he will need someone with experience to ensure he continues to gain confidence and does not get overwhelmed. Buddy has a very sweet and friendly nature and is always happy to receive love and attention, however he can be a little pushy so requires a family who know how to set boundaries for young Read more →

Oliver & Pirate

Oliver & PiratePirate & Oliver. Bransby Horses. Located in Herefordshire. Oliver and Pirate are four year old 12hh grey Welsh geldings. Oliver came to Bransby from the SWHP where he had been hand reared having been found on the mountain without his mother. He has been well handled and cared for at the SWHP and is now looking for his ‘Friend for Life’ Read more →


DiggerDigger. Bransby Horses. Located in Herefordshire. Digger is a four year old 14hh coloured Cob gelding. Digger was abandoned as a foal along with a group of other young cobs in 2010. He was initially rescued by the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies and then came to Bransby in Read more →