It is an illegal offence to abandon any animal, with a possible 51 week prison sentence, a fine up to £20,000 – or both. NEWC has seen an increase in the number of abandoned horses over the last few years and reports of horses straying on roads, abandonments at livery yards, and horses being dumped on private or council land have increased.

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National Equine Welfare Council C.I.C.

The National Equine Welfare Council C.I.C. works to protect horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, by providing support, guidance and a communication forum to equine organisations, businesses and charities to help raise equine welfare standards nationwide.

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Equine Crisis UK

Six welfare charities have issued an updated report about the current equine crisis in the UK, entitled “Left on the verge: In the grip of a horse crisis in England and Wales”.

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Homes needed

Are you looking for a horse, pony or donkey? If you are in this fortunate position, have you considered offering to rehome from one of our member charities? Each animal rehomed will free up a space, making it possible for charities to help more horses, ponies and donkeys in desperate need. Please click here to find out more.


Lexus Organisation:     HorseWorld Name of Horse:  Lexus Location:             Bristol Height /Colour   12.2hh / Bay Breed                    Welsh Type Gender                 Mare Age                        3 History: This pretty Welsh pony came into HorseWorld in August 2015 when approximately a year old. She came in with a very large group of unhandled horses – including stallions and mares and foals. Out of her family group Lexus was the most interested in investigating people and quickly started to be able to be hand fed. It took some time for us to be able to split the group so that we could concentrate on Lexus but once we could she quickly made good progress. Lexus can live in Read more →


Isabel         Organisation: Horseworld  Name of Horse:  Isabel   Location:             Bristol  Height:                  15.2hh Breed                      ClydesdaleX  Quarter Horse Gender                      Mare Age                            6 History:                  Isabel came into HorseWorld in January 2013 as a 2 year old. She was part of a group that had been neglected and the owner was successfully prosecuted by the RSPCA. We were then contacted by her first owner who informed us of her unusual breeding. Isabel is a very people orientated horse and we had hopes that she could be backed for ridden work. But thorough assessments in October 2015 showed problems with her hind legs which ruled this out. She is now only available as a non-ridden companion. Use:                        Non-Ridden Companion Behaviour :       This Read more →


AugustaAugusta, Horseworld, Bristol. Augusta is a 19 year old 15hh dun Welsh Section D. Augusta is now no-longer able to be ridden but would make someone a super companion Read more →

RSPCA Peanut

RSPCA PeanutRSPCA Peanut, SE Yorkshire. Peanut is a yearling 14hh black cob. Peanut is good to catch and handle. He stands patiently for the Farrier and Vet and is very social in the field with others. Peanut would make a lovely ridden pony in the future and go on in any sphere for a teenager or small adult. He needs someone with experience of starting young Read more →

RSPCA Joseph

RSPCA JosephRSPCA Joseph, Co Durham. Joseph is a 2 year old 12 hh skewbald Cob gelding. Joseph is a really lovely boy, quiet to handle and catch and with the Vet/Farrier. He’s good in the herd and would be easy to fit into most groups. Could live in or Read more →

RSPCA Sovereign

RSPCA SovereignRSPCA Sovereign, Co Durham. Sovereign is a 16hh bay Standard Thoroughbred Filly in the early stages of her education and needs regular handling to develop what she has learnt so far. She’s good in the herd and would be easy to fit into most groups. Could live in or Read more →


RSPCA TitusRSPCA Titus, Northumberland. Titus is a 4 year old 13 hh piebald gelding Cob. We think Titus would make a lovely ridden pony in the future and go on in any sphere for a teenager or adult. He needs someone with experience of starting young horses. He lives in a herd and would be easy to fit into most groups. Could live in or Read more →


RubyRuby. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Ruby is a four year old 12.2hh black Welsh x mare. Ruby was born at HorseWorld a month after her mother Sox was rescued along with other ponies who had been Read more →


Martie Martie. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Martie is a four year old 12.2hh skewbald Cob gelding. Martie came in to HorseWorld in 2013 with two other ponies when he was only about five months Read more →


EllieEllie. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Ellie is a sixteen year old 12.2hh grey Welsh Sec A mare. Ellie came to HorseWorld in 2009 as part of a group of horses rescued from horrific conditions – sadly not all of them Read more →