National Equine Welfare Council launches new guidance and its first ever video

Charities have identified the need for impartial guidance on the issue of when and how to use grazing muzzles responsibly. It’s a dilemma that is faced by many horse owners every year, especially now the autumn flush of grass is growing. In response, the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) has produced its first advisory video and written guidance on grazing muzzles. 

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It is an illegal offence to abandon any animal, with a possible 51 week prison sentence, a fine up to £20,000 – or both. NEWC has seen an increase in the number of abandoned horses over the last few years and reports of horses straying on roads, abandonments at livery yards, and horses being dumped on private or council land have increased.

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National Equine Welfare Council C.I.C.

The National Equine Welfare Council C.I.C. works to protect horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, by providing support, guidance and a communication forum to equine organisations, businesses and charities to help raise equine welfare standards nationwide.

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Equine crisis UK

Six welfare charities have issued an updated report about the current equine crisis in the UK, entitled “Left on the verge: In the grip of a horse crisis in England and Wales”. Click here to read the latest report.

Homes needed

Are you looking for a horse, pony or donkey? If you are in this fortunate position, have you considered offering to rehome from one of our member charities? Each animal rehomed will free up a space, making it possible for charities to help more horses, ponies and donkeys in desperate need. Please click here to find out more.

Lickity Split

Lickity SplitLickity Split. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Lickity Split is a seven year old 15.1hh bay TB cross gelding. Came in as a foal at foot with his mother after they were seized as part of a group being illegally grazed. Read more →


MeganMegan. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Megan is a 10 year old 13.2hh piebald, Cob mare. Megan is a lovely sweet natured girl who came to us in 2012 after being abandoned straying on the Read more →


QueenieQueenie. HAPPA. Located at Shores Hay Farm. Queenie is an eight year old 13.3hh Welsh Section D mare. Queenie came back to the Centre from a HAPPA borrower’s home through no fault of her own and was brought back into Read more →


PrancerPrancer. HAPPA. Located at Shores Hay Farm. Prancer is an eight year old 15hh Arab gelding. Prancer came into the Centre as part of a large rescue in 2014. Prancer has spent the summer months learning to be a horse, learning to socialise and be a horse. He has been on a massive learning curve and is now ready for rehoming. Read more →


LucaLuca. HAPPA. Located at Shores Hay Farm. Luca is a fifteen year old 11hh Welsh Section A mare. After time and consistent handling at the centre Luca is now looking for a companion home. Luca came to Shores Hey Farm 2008 as a feral Read more →


EvieEvie. HAPPA Located at Shores Hay Farm. Evie is a thirteen year old 16.3hh Thoroughbred mare. Came into the Centre as part of a large rescue late last year having raced as a youngster. Evie has since been brought back into work and has progressed well with 3 balanced paces on the Read more →


AutumnAutumn. HAPPA. Located at Shores Hay Farm. Autumn is a nine year old 12.2hh Welsh Section A mare. Autumn was rescued and brought to the centre as a feral pony. She is now been fully rehabilitated she likes to have a fuss and lots of attention she would thrive in a borrowers home on a one-to-one Read more →


DominoDomino. Hope Pastures. Located in Leeds. Domino is a one year old 11.2hh piebald Cob x gelding. Domino is looking for his forever home. He is a 1 year old cheeky piebald Cob X gelding and is currently 11.2hh so he could grow to anything from Read more →


DollyDolly. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Dolly is a six year old 13.1hh piebald Cob mare. Dolly came to HorseWorld in March 2012 as part of a large group of neglected feral ponies. As with most of the group Dolly was underweight, pregnant and fearful of people. She gave birth to a healthy colt in May who has since been successfully Read more →


EllaElla. HorseWorld. Located in Bristol. Ella is a six year old 14hh chestnut Arab cross mare. Ella was born at HorseWorld in 2009, her mother is part bred Dartmoor who came to us through the RSPCA, her sire is an Anglo Arab. She was weaned at 6 months and has spent her time living in mixed herds at our welfare Read more →