Stand up for horse health and join the National Equine Health Survey

The National Equine Welfare Council is supporting the National Equine Health Survey and are urging owners and keepers of horses and ponies to take part in the survey between 23-30th May, to help improve the future wellbeing of horses everywhere.

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It is an illegal offence to abandon any animal, with a possible 51 week prison sentence, a fine up to £20,000 – or both. NEWC has seen an increase in the number of abandoned horses over the last few years and reports of horses straying on roads, abandonments at livery yards, and horses being dumped on private or council land have increased.

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National Equine Welfare Council C.I.C.

The National Equine Welfare Council C.I.C. works to protect horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, by providing support, guidance and a communication forum to equine organisations, businesses and charities to help raise equine welfare standards nationwide.

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Equine crisis UK

Six welfare charities have issued an updated report about the current equine crisis in the UK, entitled “Left on the verge: In the grip of a horse crisis in England and Wales”.

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Stop the Scourge, Time to address unlawful fly-grazing in England. 

Homes needed

Are you looking for a horse, pony or donkey? If you are in this fortunate position, have you considered offering to rehome from one of our member charities? Each animal rehomed will free up a space, making it possible for charities to help more horses, ponies and donkeys in desperate need. Please click here to find out more.


BecksBecks. World Horse Welfare. Located at Hall Farm, Norfolk. Becks is a 14hh bay Thoroughbred Cross gelding. Becks was one of a group of horses that came into our care when his owner was struggling to cope with them due to his own poor health and it was felt the situation could possibly become a welfare Read more →


HuckleberryHuckleberry. World Horse Welfare. Located at Hall Farm, Norfolk. Huckleberry is a 11.1hh Pony chestnut and white gelding. Despite being less than a year old Huckleberry was found tethered in a completely unsuitable area. No owner came forward and there were grave concerns when his companion later died. Read more →


ZukiZuki. World Horse Welfare. Located at Hall Farm, Norfolk. Zuki is a fourteen year old 14.1hh chestnut Thoroughbred Cross mare. Zuki originally came to Hall Farm as part of a prosecution Read more →


TimmyTimmy. World Horse Welfare. Located at Belwade Farm, Aberdeenshire. Timmy is a four year old 12.1hh chestnut Welsh Section B gelding. Timmy came into World Horse Welfare care in an emaciated condition. He was entire and rising three years Read more →

Scalding Darren

Scalding DarrenScalding Darren. World Horse Welfare. Located at Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerset. Darren is a four year old 11.3hh grey Welsh Section A gelding. Scalding Darren was part of a large group of ponies from Wales who were removed from their environment following a call to our welfare line in April Read more →


SalterSalter, World Horse Welfare, Somerset. Salter is a 13.3hh five year old Native gelding. Salter is looking for a non ridden companion home with someone who has a quiet environment and lots of time to give to this special pony. He arrived as 1 of 5 feral stallions in September 2014. He took a long time to trust people but has improved day by day and is always learning new skills. Read more →


RoxyRoxy, World Horse Welfare, Hall Farm, Norfolk. Roxy is a 7 year old 12hh skewbald Welsh Cross mare. Roxy is a spunky little pony with very firm opinions that she is not afraid to express. She is an exceptionally bright pony which makes her a very busy and bustling character who likes to get on with things with the minimum amount of fuss. Read more →


RomeoRomeo, World Horse Welfare, Hall Farm, Norfolk. Romeo is a one year old, 14.2hh dark bay Thoroughbred Cross gelding. Romeo is an absolutely stunning youngster with a lot of presence about him. He is an inquisitive, playful horse who enjoys life to the Read more →


RoloRolo, World Horse Welfare, Hall Farm, Norfolk. Rolo is a one year old12.1hh black Cob mare. Rolo is a lovely, sweet natured little girl who loves attention and cuddles. She is a bold mare who takes everything in her stride. Rolo mixes well with all her herd as she is a sociable pony who enjoys company. Although Rolo will never be suitable to ride she will make a delightful non-ridden Read more →

Renatach Orion

Renatach OrionOrion, World Horse Welfare, Belwade Farm, Aberdeenshire. Orion is a 12 year old 14.3hh Welsh Section D gelding. Orion is an affectionate horse who has had many fans here at Belwade Farm. There are some situations in which he may be a little nervy but he is now mostly confident and happy to be handled. Orion is a handsome, gentle gelding who needs a non-ridden companion Read more →